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The Artists at MOD Body Arts have more than twenty-five years combined industry background to provide you with a personal, professional, and safe experience. We pride ourselves in creative a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, and celebrate our diverse and eclectic community. We believe your body modification experience should be free from pretense, judgement, or intimidation. All are welcome here.

Your heath and safety are our number one priority

All tattoo and piercing services are performed using fully-disposable, single-use tools and supplies. Covid-19 precautions and guidelines are in place for your protection.



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Our Services

Piercings start at $65 with our standard, implant-grade titanium jewelry. We have a large selection of upgrade options for initial piercings. Children鈥檚 lobe piercing package includes two initial lobe piercings with implant-grade titanium jewelry and aftercare.

Tattoos are quoted during your initial consultation. Please schedule a consultation today to discuss pricing. All tattoo inks, tools, and supplies are 100% VEGAN. Our shop minimum is $100, and our hourly rate is $120 per hour.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Mod Body Arts is proud to be one of Denver’s only body art boutiques to offer in-house, cosmetic tattoo services for our clients. All cosmetic tattoo services include a 30 minute, complimentary consultation and are performed using single-use, disposable tools.聽

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