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Meet Randy

Randy is the owner and founder of Mod Body Arts. He began his career in body modification in his early twenties and has worked in several shops in major cities including Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego. After working for 20 years for other people, he decided to open his own shop and offer his services exclusively in his own space. Mod Body Arts was formed from a culmination of Randy’s in-demand skills, positive reputation, and his vision for creating an inclusive space that is welcoming and accommodating to everyone from all walks of life. Randy’s eye for unique jewelry and his precision placement has allowed Mod Body Arts to attract the best clients in Denver! Thank you, Denver, for being a part of our journey!

Randy is a father of three, devoted husband, hockey player, dog lover, and cereal aficionado.


Meet Gray

Gray has an eye for symmetry, fine jewelry, and ear mapping. She has been piercing at MOD for over 2 years now. Gray loves to work with the client and find out what will be perfect for them based on what they are looking for, and of course and most importantly anatomy. Gray also has an eye for fine jewelry, they do permanent jewelry offering bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. She uses high quality jewelry to always insure that both permanent jewelry or a piercing is always held to the highest of standards. In her free time Gray enjoys making art, reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and of course hanging out with her cat Gizmo.



  • We offer Denver’s safest body piercing experience possible. From single-use tools to 14k gold and implant-grade titanium body jewelry, every aspect of the process has your safety in mind. 
  • We will walk you through the jewelry-selection process and explain everything step-by-step as we go so you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Prices include standard, implant-grade titanium jewelry, however we carry a wide selection of jewelry upgrades including 14k gold jewelry, opals, diamonds, and turquoise.

Children's package

We are proud to be one of Denver’s premier body art studios to offer piercing services for minors. Child must be at least 5 years old and able to give verbal consent.




We require photo ID for both client and guardian, as well as a copy of the client’s birth certificate. Children’s piercing package includes two initial lobe piercings, standard, implant-grade titanium jewelry, and aftercare.


For the most up-to-date aftercare please visit our friends at APP

Mod Body Jewelry Logo


Double lobes – $150

turquoise conch piercing


14k gold helix jewelry


daith piercing


Rook piercing


tragus piercing


child's first ear piercing

*The children’s piercing package is for children ages 5-12. 

Package includes two initial lobe piercings with implant-grade titanium jewelry and aftercare.


Lip piercings inclue any area of the face accessed through the mouth (“Monroe,” “snakebites,” cheek, labret, medusa, etc.)

lip piercing with gems


tongue piercing


double nostril triangle


septum piercing Mod Body Arts Denver


bridge piercing


eyebrow piercing


Mod Body Jewelry Logo



Mod Body Jewelry Logo

Our Jewelry

Mod Body Arts carries a wide selection of 14k gold body-jewelry available for upgrade in addition to our standard, implant-grade titanium.

From simple, to edgy, to elegant, there is something available for everyone.

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