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Custom Tattooing

Our tattoo process starts out with individual consultations for every client. Every piece is custom-drawn to create a piece as unique as you – we never use flash. Our process is 100% vegan and all supplies are disposable (single-use). 


Our shop minimum is $100 per piece and our shop rate is $120 per hour.

Red Cross Certified

Certified by the Red Cross in blood-borne pathogens, and adult & pediatric first aid and CPR..

6 Years Experience

Adrian has been a professional tattooer for 6 years and enjoys doing custom pieces for his clients.

Covid Safe

Covid-19 precautions & guidelines are in place for your safety. We follow all state-mandated protocols.

Meet Adrian

Adrian has been tattooing in the Denver Metro area since 2014. He has been doing art his whole life and loves doing all styles of tattoos. Adrian grew up in Denver and lived in the LoHi area when it was still the North Side. 

Adrian is vegan and only uses 100% vegan-frindly tattoo inks and supplies, as well as creating custom pieces for his clients. He loves greeting the neighborhood dogs that want to stop by and say hello and always has treats ready!

Adrian Ritchey doing a tattoo on a forearm


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