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Zev is our in-house, tooth gems expert. He specializes in creating unique and customized designs for each client. His expertise is in selecting quality tooth gems for the perfect placement and design to enhance your smile. Zev uses dental-grade adhesive to attach your tooth gem in a non invasive way. These gems are not permanent but are guaranteed for 30 days and many people enjoy their gems for at least several months!.

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Meet Zev

Zev is the sole tooth gem artist and an apprentice piercer at Mod Body Arts. He’s passionate about making people feel more confident in their smile, and always strives to communicate so you get exactly what you’re looking for! In his free time, Zev enjoys blowing glass and reading, mostly fantasy and sci-fi novels. As a full time student at CCD he’s working hard to achieve a degree, taking a majority of night classes so he can learn more about piercing and keep working on his tooth gem designs during the day. 

Happy Clients

Take a look at our tooth gems photo gallery. See what styles interest you before scheduling an appointment.

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